Pre-Operation Instructions
Prophylaxis (dental cleaning):

Follow physicians' instructions for antibiotic prophylaxis
See AHA guidelines (updated 2007); ask office for guidelines if you have had:
     Hip replacement
     Knee replacement
     Heart valve replacement or repair
     Other condition of physician concern

Implant Surgery/ Sinus Lifts/ Bone grafts/ Extractions:

DO EAT before implant surgery because you may not be able to eat for a few hours after surgery (especially important for diabetics).
ALL patients- antibiotic premedication for all implant surgeries
ALL patients- antibiotic premedication for all bone grafting procedures.
At your implant consultation visit you will be prescribed appropriate antibiotics to be taken 1 hour before surgery.
In some cases, a full course of antibiotics may be necessary following implant and implant related surgeries. These will be prescribed for you before leaving the office.
If you would like your prescriptions called in to your pharmacy before leaving our office please make sure to bring you pharmacy phone number with you on the day of surgery.